Guilty Pleasures

1. Chocolate (and sweets in general)—- I love dessert and I’m almost 100% sure that this comes from my dad. Even still, he cannot resist a freshly baked cookie or 2 helpings of ice cream after dinner. I’m not complaining my any means… I guess being sweet just runs in the fam, awwwww

2. Putting on make up — There’s something about getting all dressed up with no where to go that just makes me feel like a girl. Admit it, you’ve been there/done that

3. Sleeping in —- I really try hard not to sleep past 9 on days that I don’t work because I don’t want to get off of a schedule, but I can’t help curling up one last time when my alarm goes off. While people are bustling around getting to work, I can’t help but relish in the fact that I can have at least 30 more minutes

4. Surfing the web for new recipes —- I do this so often that I now feel like I need to close my browser if someone is coming into my room so they don’t judge me more than they already do with my food obsession! There’s just so much good food out there and I can’t stand the idea of not making it ALL

5. Pinterest—– Especially pictures with funny captions… case and point below (so applicable dontcha think?)

6. Having a night out on the town — yeah yeah, drinking is bad for you blah blah blah. I JUST WANT TO DANCE! ;P


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