Good Habits

It’s hard to think of good habits especially when the word “habit” immediately makes me think of something bad. However, I have managed to think of many good habits that currently invade my life.

1. I work out sometimes   A LOT —– When I was younger I was definitely a pudge muffin. I ate everything sweet and would even charge kids in school for answers on their homework so I could buy chocolate covered bananas (fatty right?). I have always been very active, but once we moved to Bolivia I began to shed pounds due to the altitude.
Thank god for that or I would probably be on the Biggest Loser right now. I love to lift weights and run, but I just recently got into swimming and biking and I love them! There’s something about not working out that makes me feel ….gross

2. Eating somewhat healthy—– Whenever people look in our fridge they always comment on how healthy we eat. I wouldn’t say that I’m an organic health freak who has to shop at Whole Foods, but I just think that fresh food tastes better and makes me feel better

3. Keeping track of my spending—– As dorky as that sounds, it’s true. I have a complete excel spreadsheet with everything I spend put into categories. Believe me, you think about what you are buying. Sometimes I simply don’t buy something because I don’t want to write it down. Yeah, now you all think I’m smart

4. Cooking my own food instead of going out—– Don’t get me wrong, a night out at dinner is always fun, but often times I end up over eating! I usually spend Sunday’s prepping a lot of food for different meals so that when I’m hungry during the week, I can throw something together quickly and I’m not stuffing my face with fillers before a meal

5. Being clean and organized—– Whether in my room or in the kitchen, everything has its place and stays there. I can’t stand a messy kitchen especially with all of the nasty bacteria that could infiltrate my food!

6. Being silly—- can’t take life too seriously, right?  (That’s us on halloween, I was a jellyfish hunter….don’t ask)

7. Drinking water —- I will always choose water over any other beverage but it has definitely gone too far. I drink so much water that my friends make fun of me for it. I even cried when I lost my favorite water bottle at the gym. It’s a problem that will never be fixed, nor do I want to change the fact that I drink 3 times more water than anyone I know.


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