Favorite Foods

While I tend to think that every food is my favorite, I can most certainly say that there are a select few that make the top list consistently.

1. Chicken — I. Love. Chicken. This is embarassing to admit, but I can eat a whole rotiserrie chicken by myself .. *chirp chirp*. I love experimenting with different flavors on a piece of chicken. I would have to say that my favorite chicken dishes can be found at our local Thai Restaurant. Green curry, red curry, pad thai, it’s all amazing.

2. Mango— While I hate cutting a mango, once the juicy flesh is in front of me I can’t help but practically inhale the fruit. If I’m in a fruity mood while choosing candy or ice cream, I will usually choose mango because it’s just so damn refreshing!

3. Yogurt — My old room mate used to make fun of me by saying that all I ate was yogurt and chicken. Let me tell you, she wasn’t far off. I’m especially a fan of coconut flavored yogurts.

4.  Chocolate— Also listed in “Guilty Pleasures” so naturally it has to be one of my favorite foods. Dark chocolate is my chocolate of choice although I will go for milk in desperate times. However, Milka Luflee Chocolate will win every time. It’s like eating bubbles of chocolate. Check it out here –> http://www.germandeli.com/milualmich10.html

5. Potatoes — Sweet or regular, I love roasted them with my entire spice rack poured on top

6. Popcorn — Home made of course. It’s such a diverse food item that can be seasoned with ANYTHING. Plus it’s somewhat healthy right?





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