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I’m a simple girl, living a seemingly simple life, with a not so simple palette.

It all started when I was a junior in high school. My family had just moved to Suriname due to my dad’s job so I was shipped off to boarding school in Massachusetts with my sister. While I loved having the opportunities that I did in an American school, I missed being home because that meant Hilda. Now, Hilda was my best friend– not because we went to movies, or gossiped about boys, but because she was our cook. I would wake up in the morning and she would already be sitting in our kitchen waiting for me. I remember sitting on the kitchen counter and watching her make traditional Javanese food that I would later divulge in. It was on that kitchen counter where I first started to learn about cooking and how to create my own specialties. She taught me that most recipes start with onions and garlic and that measuring utensils are in no way shape or form a necessity. Needless to say, onions and garlic are a prominent part of my diet and measuring cups and spoons are  used as extra eating vessels.

While cooking is a major passion of mine, I toyed on and off with the idea of culinary school. Was it really something I could afford? Was cooking just a hobby? Did I want a corporate career instead? I went to school for marketing but spent my days dreaming of working for the Food Network- maybe some day.

At the end of 2014, I decided I needed a change. I found Stratford University and fell in love with the people, curriculum, and atmosphere. I couldn’t wait to get started. You know what they say — New Year, New Me — and I am embracing that to the fullest. 2015 will be a year well spent in the kitchen…and in the gym (trying to keep all those extra calories from my waistline!).

Nutrition and being healthy is also a big passion of mine. While I tend to follow good habits most of the time, I still can’t say no to a fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookie, or cheesy slice of pizza, or cinnamon buns, or piles of noodles — I think you get the point. This all inspired me to start this blog so I could share those good habits and guilty pleasures of mine.

I enjoy a good laugh, I can’t live without my chapstick, my favorite color is yellow, and love elephants!


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