Holiday Gifts for Foodies!


It’s the HOLIDAY SEASON!!! Not only does this mean way too many cookies and cups of hot cocoa, but it also means being thoughtful and kind :).

I love giving kitchen gadgets away for the Holidays. A couple of my friends cook, but not all of them, so I feel like it’s my way of forcing them into the kitchen to be creative. Even if someone isn’t a foodie, kitchen supplies are still a great gift because they come in almost every color, shape, and size.

I wanted to share some gifts that I have personally received and LOVED or given away as gifts. Hopefully the foodie in your life will agree that these are great gifts!

1. A Kitchen Aid mixer – yes it’s expensive, but it is so worth it! I had been asking for one for a while and finally got one last year! At first I didn’t use it very much, but now I can’t imagine not having one for cookies, cakes, breads, whipped cream, the list goes on. If you can afford it, your foodie will LOVE IT! They come in all different colors and are actually sold in multiple places. Check discount options like Amazon,, and even Target.

2. Taylor Stainless Food Scale  – or any food scale for that matter. I bought this for myself this past summer and I use it everyday. I am a big fan of meal prep so I tend to weigh my meats when packing lunches, but it’s also great for baking. Sometimes I come across a recipe that requires measuring to be done in ounces, so it’s extremely useful for that as well. I bought mine at Target for about $30. Worth it.

3. Popcorn serving bowl  – My bestie from Colorado sent this to me for my birthday and I love it! On the inside it says “More Popcorn Please” which is too cute. To make it a complete gift, add a bag of popcorn and a movie. These are at World Market (my favorite store ever) for only $10!

4. Garlic Rocker – I recently found this and I have to admit, one of the best purchases. If your food is like me, you put garlic in EVERYTHING. This nifty little gadget takes away the time of chopping and getting garlic fingers. Simple peel the garlic, then press it down through the grated bottom. Your garlic comes out on top and then just scrape it out with a spoon! You can find them at Sur la Table or even on Amazon in a couple of different colors for about $10-$15.

5. DIY Sharpie Mugs – If you are on Pinterest, you’ve seen this before. I actually made a couple of these for my friend for her birthday and they turned out pretty awesome! The best part about it is that you aren’t searching the store for the PERFECT mug — you can make it into whatever you want! Draw pictures, write funny quotes, anything goes with these customized mugs.

6. Unique Chocolate/Candy – Please do not be that person who buys your foodie friend a twix bar. Go out of the box and find something festive or unique! World Market has candies from all over the world from bacon chocolate, to Lychee gummies. Best part is, they are super affordable. My favorite festive chocolate is the Coffee and Hazelnut bar by Ritter Sport. Seriously amazing guys. You can buy them a bunch of different things and still come in under $20.

7. Wine bottle stoppers – If you have a drinker on your hands, these make really cute gifts. I’m a big fan of the Rabbit stoppers because they come in bright colors so they are easy to find. I usually pair them with some cute napkins or even their favorite bottle of wine. They start at $5 for 2!

8. Spatulas or wooden spoons– You can never go wrong giving these to a foodie. I swear I have about 5 of each and still manage to use all 5 in one dish. So, not only are they extremely useful, but you can choose any color… literally… and you can find them anywhere…literally. Bed Bath and Beyond usually has a pretty wide selection and well as Sur la Table. Ranging anywhere from $3 – $15, you can always stuff one in an oven mitt or pair with their favorite brownie mix!

9 Customized trail mix – When I was a teacher, I found myself (and my students) getting hungry for the munchies during the day. I bought a big glass tin and filled it with nuts, chocolate, cranberries, and yogurt pieces. Needless to say, when my students had to come to after school homework time, they only came for the snacks. This is a great idea though for a foodie who sits at a desk all day or who is on the run in their car! Simple find some of their favorite treats and layer them in a jar.

10. A Microplane – If your friend doesn’t have one of these, then they probably haven’t missed it, but once they have one, they will never let it go. These things are LIFE CHANGING! I’ve used it to grate lemon zest on popcorn or to put in lemon blueberry bread, even chocolate shavings on ice cream! It’s a really unique gift seeing as not a lot of people have them, so you are sure to come out on top with this one for about $15.

11.  A year subscription to Food Network Magazine – I don’t really buy magazines. Except when I travel, I’ll always pick up the latest copy of the Food Network Magazine. A one year subscription is only $12!!!!!!! Just make sure they aren’t moving or plan to move anytime soon.

12. Miracle berry tablets – These things are crazy cool. Basically they change your taste buds so that sour foods taste sweet! If you buy these, make sure you buy them a lemon as well. You can find them on Amazon for about $15. Also a great party trick.

13. Veggetti Spiralizer – Too cool for school with this one. Turn your veggies, into noodles! You can find these fairly cheap on Amazon for about $10-$15 but they are so worth it! My favorite is to use zucchini and saute it with garlic and grape tomatoes for an easy and fast side dish!

14. Olive oil and Vinegar bottles – When I get my own kitchen, these are the first things I’m buying. I probably go through about a bottle of olive oil a week JUST in a saute pan. These are definitely something that they will use — and they don’t even have to put oil and vinegar in them! They are great for salad dressings, soap by the sink, liquor, really anything that is liquid. You can find really plain ones and really unique ones that usually start at about $13.

15. Sushi mat and chopsticks – I love the idea of giving something that can turn into a fun project for everyone! Just imagine, you give your friend a sushi mat and the next thing you know — you’re invited to a sushi party! Doesn’t get much better than that. Throw in a bag of sushi rice and some soy sauce for a complete ready to go gift! Maybe even print out a recipe card for sushi rice.Sushi mats are pretty cheap and you can find them mostly anywhere.

Still stumped? There’s nothing wrong with gift cards people.. nothing at all! Try these fun stores to get them excited:

Williams Sonoma
Bed Bath and Beyond
Sur La Table
World Market
or one to their favorite restaurant

Have any other ideas? Comment below! Did you buy one of these for your friend? Let me know!




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