The Best Mini M&M Cookies

When I don’t feel well I like to bake. Have I ever told you that? Well I do. It’s a weird thing to do instead of just lounging around (which I do as well), but I feel like it allows me to be “active” without overdoing it. Plus, I get tasty treats at the end so of course that makes me feel better.

I found this recipe on Pinterest— obvi— and thought that it might come in useful some day. I’m not the biggest fan of m&ms only because if you crunch them wrong, then it slides against your teeth like nails on a chalkboard and I hate that (sorry if I just ruined m&ms for you). So with that being said, not sure why this recipe jumped out at me. Maybe because there was pudding in the mix and I’ve never heard of pudding cookies, or because they are massive and I freaking LOVE massive cookies.

So I went on a Target run because I needed mini m&ms, instant pudding mix, and throat drops…. Not a weird combo at all…. Came home and made MAGIC!!

Instead of 1 cup of brown sugar I used 3/4 cup (might even use less next time) and I also added about 3 tablespoons of milk because I thought the batter was too thick!

Check out the recipe here:

I PROMISE you won’t regret it. I ate 3 right out of the oven and 2 tonight after dinner– might even go for a third.





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