Steak and Goat Cheese Mega salad

Today I was feeling super strong! I went to the gym and did legs which kicked my butt and I was walking out of the gym like a newborn giraffe… Yippee! When I got home, I had my usual cottage cheese with fruit and then started meal prepping as well as thinking about what I was going to eat for lunch to feed my puny lil muscles.

Last night we grilled A LOT! Just tons of veggies and steak which luckily resulted in a little bit of leftovers which of course turned into the best salad ever.

This was waaayyyyy too delicious not to share. I’m dead serious– try this salad!!!! I used to eat salads all the time but haven’t lately cause lettuce is blah but this just made me rethink my salad eating.

Simple— spring mix, leftover grilled zucchini-onions-and roasted peppers, leftover steak, baked sweet potatoes from meal prep today, and 1 oz GOAT CHEESE!!!!

If you don’t eat meat, take off the steak — if you don’t want carbs, take off the sweet potato—but you have to keep the goat cheese and veggies!!!! So. Stinkin. Good. I didn’t even put dressing on it.



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