Protein Waffles/Pancakes

I apologize…. I feel like I always start my posts this way because I just never post anymore! I’m still being creative in the kitchen and coming up with new recipes, I’m just not sharing and for that I apologize.

So to make it up to you, I’ll share a quick and easy recipe for protein waffles!!! They can also be made into pancakes but waffles are more fun.

I’m pretty much on a healthy/muscle building kick lately so carbs and protein are my BFFS (jk nena, you’re still numba 1). I didn’t make up this recipe so I’m sure you’ve probably seen it before. This is my go to breakfast if I know I’m gonna need energy at the gym with about 30 g of protein, 30 g carbs, and less than 300 calories. Try it, it’s stupid easy.

Protein waffles :

1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup oats
1 scoop protein powder (cinnamon is my FAVVV)

Blend everything in a mixer. Spray with minimal cooking spray. Pour into a pan/waffle maker. The end!!! The batter makes about 2 pancakes or waffles. Then if you want “syrup”, mix protein powder with milk to get the consistency you want. If you make them into pancakes, put peanut butter in the middle to make a sandwich! Either way, can’t go wrong πŸ™‚

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