Turkey Bacon Avocado Salad

I recently went to visit my boyfriend and we went to eat at Panera. He ordered the turkey avocado BLT and I just happened to copy him because 1) it sounded really good and 2) I didn’t know what else to get. IT. WAS. DELICIOUS! If any of you are Panera lovers then you definitely need to try this sandwich. I went back to Panera during my road trip home from my high school reunion and ordered the same sandwich. Ever since, I’ve been craving it.

I decided that I was going to recreate this sandwich but in salad form since I’ve had a bacon craving for the past 2 days. I decided to use turkey bacon instead of regular and spinach instead of romaine — small substitutes add up… right? I like to think so. I also bought a generic brand feta vinaigrette fromΒ Safeway which is spectacular and pairs really well with this salad!

Want to make one too? You should!

Turkey avocado salad

2-3 cupsΒ baby spinach
1 tomato – cut into squares
1 avocado- cut into squares
3 slices deli turkey- cut into pieces
2 pieces turkey bacon – cooked until crispy then chopped
2 tablespoons dressing

Just toss everything together in a bowl and mix well with the dressing. The end! (That was easy)

I’m probably going to make this salad again tomorrow… just looking at it makes me hungry! The bacon is the perfect touch because it adds crunch but also a salty bite! Many different textures and flavors in this salad which is definitely enough to make you interested in actually eating a salad.



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