BBQ Chicken Quesadilla

My vegetarian days are over…..

Back in high school, I remember going to the pizza place and getting barbeque chicken calzones with friends — mmmmmmmm —- they were amazing! So naturally this past weekend when we made barbeque chicken, I knew that I was going to have some of the best leftovers ever. I didn’t end up making a calzone, but instead made a QUESADILLA!

We didn’t actually have bbq sauce at the time, but I quickly looked online and found a super simple one on the Food Network website that was created by the Neeley’s (love them). It was really quick and also tasted delicious. I ended up adding a little bit of honey and some garlic powder just to spice it up a bit. I also didn’t have any ground mustard so I just used some dijon that I found in the fridge and I also didn’t add any white sugar. Check out the original recipe here:

BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

1/2 of a large chicken breast (cut into strips)
1/4 cup bbq sauce
handful of cheese (I used mozarella)
1 wheat tortilla

In a large pan with NO OIL in it, place the tortilla over medium heat so that it can warm up. Flip it once and then add 1/2 of the cheese to one side of it. Top that with the chicken and bbq sauce and then add the other half of cheese. Let the tortilla get crispy, about 3 minutes on each side, before serving! I made a little side of guacamole to go with it as well! You could also add some onions and peppers into the quesadilla and it would be just as good.

Not going to lie, I ate this for lunch 3 days in a row….get some





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