Garlic Tomato Basil Pizza

One of my co-workers is always walking in with home made pizza for lunch and it got me thinking that I should try to make some myself! I didn’t make the dough because she told me that you can buy pizza dough pretty cheap– I spent maybe $2 on the dough. Either way, I decided to make a sauce-less pizza with tomatoes, basil, and a lot of garlic! Instead of using plain ol’ mozarella, I wanted something a little more gourmet so I chose Gruyere which is one of my favorites! Pizza is so quick to assemble and after about 20 total minutes, dinner was served!

Sauce-less Garlic Pizza


1 pound of store bought pizza dough
3 small tomatoes
1 cup shredded cheese
1/4 cup basil cut into strips
1/2 cup spinach cut into strips
garlic oil – (1/3 cup of olive oil warmed with 4 smashed garlic cloves)
1/4 cup caramerlized onions (optional)

Start by rolling out the pizza dough to desired width and size. I like square pizza so I tried to shape mine as much as possible. On your pan, add about 1/2 the garlic oil and spread around so the pizza dough won’t stick in the oven and will crisp up nicely. Put the pizza dough on the prepared pan. Then add a little bit of cheese and layer with tomato, basil, spinach, and onion. I did a couple of layers of cheese in between each of the ingredients just to make sure that they would stick together. I also took the garlic out of the garlic oil and chopped that up to spread on the pizza. I then baked it in the oven for about 15 minutes at 450 degrees and it was good to go!


Good thing I’m not kissing anyone tonight because that was garlicky goodness!

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