Quick Cabbage

I never really thought that I liked cabbage until I actually tried it — now I LOVE it. It’s super simple to make and you can put it with any dish. My favorite thing to do is saute it so it kind of looks like spaghetti. Then, make actual pasta on the side with sauce and mix everything together! It’s like a take on zucchini pasta but you use cabbage instead — you should definitely try it.

Either way,Β here’s an easy way to make cabbage that tastes great!



1 head ofΒ green cabbage
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
dash of paprika
olive oil







Cut the cabbage in half and core the middle. You can do this by making a slice on either side of the thick middle core and it should come right out. Then cut the cabbage into the thin strips and rinse. I usually weed through it and take out any other thick white pieces because they will take longer to cook and will just be tough.







Heat the oil in the pan and add the cabbage. Stir it around so that all pieces get coated and then cover it for about 3 minutes to let it wilt. Then, add your spices. You can decide to keep it covered or take the cover off to give it a little more caremelization. In all, the cooking process should be about 10 minutes

Mix with anything! Like I said, it works really well with pasta and pasta sauce, but anything would be good too. Even on it’s own for dinner. YUMMAAAAY

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